Brief History of Psychic Reading

Brief History of Psychic Reading

A psychic is not bound in time and space. He/she can go beyond the limits of time and space through his qualities described in last article What is Psychic Reading?
Psychic readers always had reasons to be loved and feared. People had both love and fear for them. 

Psychics history.

Ancient traces of psychics in history can be seen in ancient Greek and Egyptian civilizations. Kings always asked psychics before making big and small decisions. In fact, if we say that this knowledge or skill was at its ultimate position at that times, it would not be wrong. The Gods and Goddesses who were worshipped at that times and some of their descendants really existed those times, they really guided the people like Horus or Venus.

1. Kau Cim

Kau Cim is the one of the most ancient psychic reading methods. Its method was through the numbered bamboos shaken in a tube. And the reader pulled one after one out of the tube and by considering their array a signal to the fate of people or a community.
Palmistry is the still existing method of fortune telling or psychic reading, which still exists with the same ancient shape and method. In this method, the lines in one’s hand are used for the psychic reading.

2. Numerology

Numerology is another method which exists from ancient times till now. Some special numbers linked with somebody like their date of birth, time of birth and number of wives/children etc. are used for psychic reading or fortune telling.
Astrology is also widely used in history and it never ended till now. Different zodiac signs and situations of stars and planets are used for psychic reading. Horoscopic astrology, Aztec astrology, Indian astrology and Mayan astrology are the major astrology methods used for astrology.
Many other methods were also in use in history and they still exist in the same shape or another like pendulum, face reading, aura reading etc.
Some methods faded out with the time like Kau Cim.
A good psychic reading may be through any of these methods or some other. Soon I'll be here with the methods to find good and fake psychic reader and sites in my next article.
Your own, Love Spreader